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32 Hour Certification Special $50.00

Full service certification courses

American Training Academy offers security guard card training, gun safety, and and first aid classes,
both on-site and online to everyone. Whether you are aiming towards a career in security services and
need guard card training or you’re just looking to improve your skills (or learn entirely new skills), ATA is the right place.

Certified Instructors

Advanced Training

State Certified

We employ certified instructors only, with minimum army experience of 10 years.

We specialize in military, law enforcement, and civilian security live shooting ranges.

There is everything that our trainees might need for fast and effective live learning.

Why choose ATA for training security guards?

American Training Academy is a California Bureau of Security and investigative Services. (BSIS) licensed training facility (license #’s Firearms TFF-& Baton TFB-), All of our instructors for every course, have years of experience and are security and law enforcement professionals, Our instructors are licensed and certified in the state of California.

TIF 1814, TIB 1668, TFF 1154, TFB 1127, TFB 1207, TFF 1103 , TFB 1103